Photo by Madison Rae

I was oblivious to my inner world until it punched me in the gut at 32, delivering a debilitating back spasm that changed the course of my life. I searched for answers and gradually changed the way I lived. Every layer of my body and mind was transformed. It took patience and a decade, but I overcame the recurring pain and now live an active life at 50 - golf, run, bike, hike, and lift weights all with zero fear of future pain.

What else might you want to know? I'm an author because I love to write, and I love public speaking because it doesn't scare me.

I have a passion for telling visual stories because I was the head of a video production company for over a dozen years in New York City. The craft of acting was also something I have dabbled in.

I am a supportive guide and coach whenever there is an opportunity because I've always thought of myself as a teacher. I can still see myself helping my fellow math and english students in high school.

And because I have studied the mind-body for over fifteen years, I've amassed a wide array of knowledge and wisdom. The list of certifications below is simply a result of my deep curiosity about life beyond what our eyes can see and how to live each day with more joy and peace.

Mind-Body Certifications

  • Life Coaching Certified Teacher
  • ParaYoga Level 2 Certified Teacher
  • Vishoka Meditation Teacher
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Peace of Mind Certifications

  • First AID/CPR Trained
  • Safe Sports Trained
  • Right Use of Power Trained
  • EYRT-500 Yoga Alliance Member
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Trained